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Other Case Studies and Testimonials

Actions at Work Limited

Actions at Work

Actions at Work Ltd are a new start-up company software company.  They develop and provide management information systems that are simple, effective, and offer a cost efficient solution to industries compliance issues, inline with the new REACH guidelines for chemicals used in industry.

Over a period of 3 weeks, InfoLab21 upgraded the company’s Flash website in order to fix a number of functionality problems.  As well as correcting hyperlinks and fixing the contact form, an interface was also developed which allows users to login and use the company’s software.  The work was completed at no cost to the company and was part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

“We were delighted with the speed of delivery and excellent support.  Brilliant Service!”

Jonathan Lutwyche, Managing Director, Actions at Work Limited

Ahoy There Limited

Ahoy There Ltd

Ahoy There is a dotcom start-up based just outside Lancaster. Their service was launched in 2007 and aims to transform the way buyers and suppliers of services locate and do business with each other. The main difference between and a directory is the engagement process which is designed to remove the guesswork and speculation for buyers and suppliers respectively.

Prior to assistance from InfoLab21, Ahoy There had developed a prototype of its website. InfoLab21 assisted the company by producing a report detailing the results of a thorough review of the efficiency of Ahoy There's software architecture and database design. The report had a focus on meeting scalability requirements as the company expands. The assistance provided was part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and completed in 7 weeks.

"This was a great value add to my business. The staff and students at InfoLab21 conducted themselves professionally and enthusiastically."

Christian Rayner, Director, Ahoy There

Bespoke Internet Ltd

Bespoke Internet Ltd

Bespoke Internet Limited provides web solutions to a diverse client base.

With a focus on customer relationships, Bespoke Internet had implemented a CRM package to allow other team members to work with a client if the main contact was unavailable.

However, the company also wanted an easy integration with their accounts product but had encountered significant issues with this.

As a result, the CRM had been an underused investment and was not contributing to the efficiency of the team as intended. Bespoke Internet approached InfoLab21 to look at the problems and linkage issues between the packages and explore possible solutions both with and without those two products.

The work was completed at no cost to the company and was part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

"The product was delivered exactly to spec, and we were particularly impressed with InfoLab21's project management skills. Communication and organisation were fantastic throughout, and as good project management is critical to our business we were particularly appreciative of this."

Steve Brennan, Managing Director

Corporation Pop

Corporation Pop

Corporation Pop is a design company offering design for print and screen. Their clients have included the BBC, Arts Council England, the Royal Exchange theatre, Sankeys Soap Manchester, University of Leeds and the MEN Arena.

The company was experiencing rapid growth and needed to consider how to effectively manage its clients’ portfolios, particularly with communications with clients and the tracking of projects through to sign off.

In order to improve processes the company wanted to implement secure client log-on areas for the client to view proofs, quotes and project progress. In addition, they wanted to implement a sign off form for proofs to reduce the amount of changes made by clients and to ensure formal agreement on work undertaken.

InfoLab21 developed a secure area on Corporation Pop’s existing website where client files could be stored. The solution incorporated the following:

  • Client registration and data collection with acceptance for terms and conditions
  • Allocation of usernames and passwords
  • Secure client areas to include quote and progress documents
  • Automated graphical representation of timescales generated from a basic form completed by the allocated employee which will include notes.

The system needed to be easy to administrate by the company's designers and include 3 levels of access (user, administrator and system administrator). The client needed to be able to view and download documents but was not expected to upload any documentation. The system needed to incorporate the company’s existing branding.

Thanks to the success of the project, the company increased sales by £300,000. The work was completed at no cost to the company and was part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

"The support we received from InfoLab21 was invaluable. It enabled us to enhance our offer to our clients and by vastly improving our project management processes. The people at InfoLab21 were extremely patient and flexible when dealing with our numerous requests and delivered a system that matched our brief perfectly."

Dom Raban, Creative Director

EnviroBoat Developments Ltd

EnviroBoat Developments is a consultancy firm in the field of low pollution motive systems for small boats and launches, working both within the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

By installing a computer onboard a passenger ferry, data relating to boat location and passenger numbers could be transmitted, using a GPRS modem, to a central server at regular intervals. The GPRS modem used a mobile phone service with coverage of the area where the ferry would operate. A restricted access web site on the server allows registered users, such as the emergency services, to identify boat locations and current passenger numbers. In addition, a specialised interface installed in the local Tourist Information Centre provides an accurate indication of the ferry schedule for visitors. The work was part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

“Excellent team work and a real effort to understand our requirements. Also really helpful email exchange.”

Gordon Hall, Managing Director.

Farnell Photography Laboratory Limited

Farnell Photographic Lab

Farnell Photographic Lab is a photographic lab operating in Lancaster, specialising in photographic printing for the many fields of professional photography. They have earned a reputation for both outstanding quality and a personal service that enables the best possible results in the finished image, and are picking up both national and international work.

InfoLab21 developed a fresh new website for Farnell Photography Laboratory which allows the company to maintain and add/remove content as required, putting them in control of their online marketing.

The website, which was installed onto suitable web hosting of Farnell Photographic Lab’s choice, included a photo gallery to showcase the company’s work, as well as a contact form to increase the number of enquiries. The site was completed in less than 7 weeks and was part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

“Kept well informed as to progress of project.”

David Farnell, Laboratory Owner, Farnell Photography Laboratory Limited



GlobiGames was a start-up company with its core activity being publication of quality mobile games in the fastest-growth markets including those of Smart-phone, FlashLite and Java.

A number of small scale single and multiple player games for mobile phones were designed and developed by the InfoLab21 Graduate Academy. The games can be sold and downloaded from a website to a compatible mobile phone. The customer is then able to run the game application and compete against others in their proximity where the game allows. The project was part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

“I was particularly delighted by the number of options available and the speed taken to identify the most suitable solution.”

Peter Melling, Director and CEO



Granthams is a long established company providing a wide range of services for the graphics industry. The company has two sites in Preston and Blackpool. The team provides a sales, installation and support service for a wide range of ICT and printing solutions that the company sells to a diverse range of corporate customers throughout the UK.

Granthams approached InfoLab21 for advice as to how they could put in place a robust ICT infrastructure that supports data sharing/exchange between their two premises to help improve productivity. The Graduate Academy provided an ICT appraisal taking into account current and future requirements. This was developed in line with business processes through company visits and working closely with the company. An ICT strategy document focusing on the company's needs in terms of networking requirements and detailing recommendations on options that Granthams could consider, was then produced.

The support was funded through the European Regional Development Fund.

"Working closely with the knowledgeable staff in the Academy during the preparation of the report has meant that we have been able to find out the best way of doing things, and the best way of setting up our ICT systems. The report has given us a good benchmark to work with and has given us the assurance that the information and advice we give to our customers is the most up to date."

Kirsty Reader, General Manager

Jo Vincent Glass Design

Jo Vincent Glass Design

The company specialises in making decorative and architectural glass pieces for both commercial and private customers. It is based on the edge of the Lake District has clients nationwide.

InfoLab21 implemented an online CRM database which is enabling the company to develop a closer relationship with its customers. Assistance also included a brief report outlining possible future improvements to the current use of IT systems, such as a suitable backup strategy and appropriate accountancy software. Assistance was free to the company, and was part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund

“Very good service, fast turnaround. Provided lots more help than could have imagined. Knowledge was amazing!”

Jo Vincent, Director, Jo Vincent Glass Design.

LCR Limited


LCR Limited supply cash registers and EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) systems to businesses and local authorities. The company also supplies a cashless dining system to schools throughout the North West.

LCR Limited wanted to add an online reporting facility to their cashless EPOS systems for schools. This would allow parents view the balance and recent transactions on their child’s account and also see what food their children had bought. The company required assistance with developing the system as they did not have all the required  web-based programming skills.

InfoLab21 produced a Requirements Document which was agreed with LCR Limited before the system was delivered. The system was then delivered to include the following specifications:

  • Batch uploading of transactions to be done on a daily basis.
  • Secure login area, allowing parents’ to view their child’s account, whilst maintaining privacy of other accounts.
  • An administrator login.
  • Reporting and displaying the current account balance.
  • Reports showing recent transactions on the account.
  • Recording the child’s purchases and allocating values for various foods to give a “points” system for measuring nutritional value.

The work was completed at no cost to the company and was part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

“We were impressed by the level of knowledge, assistance and speed of development from InfoLab21. The facility has allowed us to match functionality with some of our competitors and demonstrates that a small company like LCR can offer a cutting edge solution.”

Bob Kearns, Director.

Oblyt Limited

Oblyt Limited writes custom software to manage commercial business processes.

The company was looking to promote sales by providing demo versions of their software and selling licenses online. They needed to secure the software design details and its source code against illicit use and copying by using proven, proprietary licensing software. They had found two proprietary applications that closely matched their requirements and required assistance in applying the applications.

InfoLab21 investigated four solutions available on the market and provided a detailed report comparing the four solutions on such criteria as usability and affordability. They then recommended a solution based on the findings and assisted with its implementation.

The work was completed at no cost to the company and was part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

"As a result of the assistance, we have been able to confidently hand over trial copies of the software to prospective users, safe in the knowledge that they are unlikely to plagiarise the software or distribute illegal copies.

" The software security ‘wrapper’ which InfoLab21 have helped us to implement has made it possible to promote our software on a monthly pay-to-use basis."

Stephen Spencer, Director.



Penrillian provides software development for the fast growing mobile phone industry and undertakes all types of projects, including complete application development, porting and consultancy. They work with companies worldwide with a client list that includes Handmark, Vodafone and T-Mobile.

InfoLab21 sourced two students from Lancaster University to work with Penrillian over the summer vacation. The students' main task was to research and develop a more accurate time tracking system. One student produced a set of requirements for the system, and another worked on the software that could be used to record the company's billable time against various projects and associated tasks. The company went on to recruit one of the students to work with them on a full time basis. This project took 10 weeks to complete and was part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

"Excellent students who exactly met our business requirements."

Tony Robinson, Project Manager, Penrillian

Sniff and Wag Publishing

Frog The Dog

Sniff and Wag is the publishing imprint for Frog the Dog books. They are a small independent publishing company who aim to offer a quality and value service. As well as providing books through a trade sales channel, the company also sells direct to schools and the public through an online e-shop facility.

InfoLab21 developed a new web site for Sniff and Wag Publishing in order to expand Sniff and Wag Publishing’s online sales function to allow penetration into a national market. The site also facilitated the delivery of secure pdf documents so that one electronic publication cannot be passed from customer to customer. InfoLab21 also provided advice on back end automation that allows for automated customer registrations to receive e-shots and and electronic newsletters on specific dates. The work was part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

"The implementation was completely pain-free. We are delighted and impressed with the easy to use SUWS system that has freed up so much office time."

Helen McGlasson, Executive Director, Sniff and Wag Publishing

SP Signs

SP Signs

SP Signs provides commercial graphical services including wide format printing (on a variety of mediums), vehicle signage and sign writing. The company was established in 1998 and offers services to a wide range of clients, ranging from corporate contracts to individual one-off projects.

InfoLab21 helped SP Signs support the direct marketing of services to clients by producing an editable e-commerce website with a consistent design and emphasis as a marketing tool.  The website included the opportunity for cross selling from one product to another which was vital for the promotion of the newer product ranges.

As well as re-developing the company’s website to include additional products, a content management system was introduced to allow the editing of main pages.  All this was provided free and was part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

“Huge thanks for the funding.  Hopefully now with my website I can look forward in all areas of my business.”

Scott Patterson, Director, SP Signs

The Research Engine

The Research Engine

The Research Engine is a specialist company which provides research related services to the academic community in the UK. The company works with academics in both data collection and data analysis via an online tool which they have created.

InfoLab21 provided assistance to The Research Engine by producing a user interface for a software tool called Wmatrix, used for analysing text. After identifying potential improvements in the original user interface, a more user-friendly design was developed.  The user interface was intended to be simple so it is usable by a variety of people who are likely to have different levels of technical knowledge. The work was completed in less than 4 weeks and was part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

 “We were delighted with the speed of response.”

Paul Rayson, Director, The Research Engine

UK Good Deals Limited

YK Good Deals

UK Good Deals Ltd was established in 2004 and specializes in e-commerce through three web-sites each of which specializes in one product type.

InfoLab21 helped UK Good Deals by replacing their outdated stock control methods with a new system which provides up-to-date information about the stock levels in the warehouse.  This was done by specifying, designing and developing a stock control system with electronic bar code scanning functionality.  The assistance was provided free and was part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and took 12 weeks to complete.

“Everything done to our specification without any problems.”

Adam Patel, Director, UK Good Deals Limited

Virtue Technologies

Virtue Technologies

Virtue Technologies is a provider of ICT solutions, support and consultancy to the Education sector.  Virtue specialises in networking solutions but they also resell associated hardware (laptops, workstations etc), audio visual installations and software to provide a complete solution.  The company’s client base is predominantly North West based.

Virtue Technologies came to InfoLab21 to develop a Remote Access solution for educational establishments that can be used by their students and staff to access resources. Very few complete remote access solutions were available on the market – particularly one that was designed to fit around LEA firewall policies.  With help from InfoLab21 the company wanted to develop this new product whilst minimizing the impact on their day to day business. The primary resource to be accessed would be work folders but could also include e-mail, intranet and applications.

InfoLab21 provided a detailed report covering issues like licensing, scalability and availability, security issues and provided 3 possible solutions. Thanks to the success of the project, the company were able to increase sales of £950,000. The work was completed at no cost to the company and was part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

The team at InfoLab21 took time to understand our requirements and gave us three innovative solutions we were able to take to market. This gave us a real advantage over our competitors and ultimately lead to higher sales.”

Phil Lawson, Sales Director, Virtue Technologies