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InfoLab21 is Lancaster University's world-class ICT Centre of Excellence. It is a well equipped, high-tech environment providing ICT support for businesses, business incubation facilities, ICT education & training, and research & development.


InfoLabTree: Discover the Story

InfoLabTree: Discover the Story

The first of a series of new installations has been revealed outside InfoLab21. The iString Light Tree #InfoLabTree is an installation donated by MK Illuminations, collaborative partners on Project Firefly, led by Dr Joe Finney, School of Computing and Communications. Launch Event - 'An Event to Help Businesses Grow Online' Launch Event - 'An Event to Help Businesses Grow Online' is launching. The next logical evolution from award-winning data-driven digital marketing company SEO24/7, novi combines a holistic approach of market research and data analysis with a client-focused strategy, sourcing expertise and insight from throughout the company to achieve growth for our clients.