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What You Said...

Beyond Websites

Bizcont: Planning for the Unexpected

The Heath 07/12/2011

"Superbly organised event with interesting and knowledgeable speakers. Glad I attended and would certainly attend other events organised by InfoLab21"

"I thought the event was well worth the time spent attending, I wasn’t so much interested in the insurance aspects but the other speaker content and opportunity to network was excellent."

SCC MSc Showcase

"Very topical, useful and informative" Ken Garner, Safetok

"Some positive information in the work undertaken at the University dealing with some real world issues" Lee Conroy, Business Logic Limited

"The event covered a wide range of information and security related material - from business compliance to child safety online - something for everyone!" Tony Wilson, Indelible Data

#BizCont: A Resilient & Dynamic Approach

Penrith 26 July 2011

‘InfoLab21 is a wonderful facility for the NW. Their events are free and allow access to specialised speakers in diverse roles. Any manager should make the effort to attend these sessions as they provide a high quality education in topic areas that may appear frightening to many. Recent sessions on Linkedin and IT security were illuminating. The open discussions are valuable and the opportunity to network is hard to beat. Well done Lancaster University.’ Anon

Brunch Bytes - Social Media

Lancaster 19 May 2011

‘The background and lecture was excellent’

‘It was great to find an event that went behind the scenes rather than focussing on the technology’

‘Would have liked a little more discussion on Gamification slides but not at expense of other content!' Fiona Finch

‘(I would have liked) less of lecture based workshop and more of to-do workshops with interaction’ Sagar Paliwal, Sectorgraph

  • Reply:Brunch Bytes briefings have a varying degree of interaction and hands-on activity, which is mainly dictated by the subject matter. Some topics offer more opportunities for workshop activity than others, we will try to include as much as possible in future events.

Brunch Bytes - Gamification

Daresbury 9 June 2011

‘Great view into how/why people play games and how it can be applied to other things such as people contacting you through your website’

‘Great presentation, gave a deep understanding of gamification and gave me a lot to think about’ (Adam Dadswell, Lancaster University)

‘I think this event gave a thorough insight in how to make the most of gamification in business’

‘Very well organised event with superb speakers’

‘Very interesting and informative lecture’ (Bob Lloyd, SimX Ltd)

‘I feel that perhaps more people could benefit from this workshop. Perhaps a bigger venue? Or video the workshop for online broadcast’

  • Reply: We are currently exploring the opportunity of online events, through both live streaming and previous recordings being made available online after the event. We have run one trial on this so far but hope to do this as standard practice in the future.

‘Just when you thought you weren’t susceptible to advertising, Paul showed how your basic motivators are exploited as a marketing toll every day’ (Phil Northall, CING)

‘Great presentation for marketers and a good reminder on some basic psychology and human motivations and how these apply in the modern world. Thought provoking on how we can engage with our customers/employees’ (Cath Murphy, Heaven Spa)


Brunch Bytes - Next Steps in Social Media

7 April 2011

"Keep the good work going."

"I feel events such as these add value to organisations who are busy with their day to day activities. New learning and insights is always welcome." Rony Ghosh, Global M edia Connect Ltd

"Thought provoking event, had me thinking of a related type of game to the company." Nick Race, Woods of Morecambe

"Very well presented – great slides that helped my understanding of the topic. It’s given me a development idea! Lots of food for thought-thanks!" Anon

"Excellent!" Anon

Brunch Bytes - Get Ahead in Mobile Contactless Technology

17 February 2011

"The event presenter is extremely knowledgeable and the topic is very relevant to today’s society".

Beyond Websites – Using Web Technology Creatively

24 November 2010

"The presentation was good and highly relevant."

"Good quality, creative content."

"I really enjoyed it as it was, speaker, topic, panel, location and catering all great!"

"I had a great time – knowledgeable speaker and panel, good location and venue and the event gave me a much broader understanding of the topics discussed"

Mobile Development Day, Global Entrepreneurship Week

19 November 2010

"The content of the event was very good and very enlightening."

"Lancaster has a wealth of mobile development expertise in the School of Computing and Communications and events like these will help to generate new business ideas and creative ways of using technology in the wider community."

"The workshop gave me some valuable insight into the user experience design and the code crunching involved in making and marketing a successful App. It also presented an excellent opportunity to mingle and share ideas with the young entrepreneurs that Lancaster University is ndeavouring to produce." Cary Corse, Web Developer and Programmer, Caboodlebox.

Cloud Computing – What is it and what can it do for my business

04 October 2010

"An interesting event providing the basics of ‘cloud’ and is useful for future developments."

"I found the event informative and useful."

"Excellent business focussed approach to the cloud, potential impacts and opportunities" Ed Smith, Hardcat UK

"Excellent!" Bash Ali, SUNDE Technologies Ltd

"An interesting event providing the basics of ‘cloud’, useful for future research developments." – Elema Irima Neaga, Loughborough University

Intellectual Property – Extracting the value

08 September 2010

"Useful knowledge."

"Very good introduction to the area."

"Good introduction to IP and how to protect it."


"It was well put together and great networking."