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Researcher Presents Software to House of Commons

InfoLab21's Dr. Will Simm will be presenting the latest version of VoiceYourView software in the House of Commons on Tues October 26th. This is part of an event called "Science in the New Parliament".

VoiceYourView allows semantic navigation of a body of comments, such as those entered into social media sites such as facebook or twitter.

The demo will illustrate the use of the software for intelligent navigation through public comments entered into, a website where people can report local problems.

The software clusters comments according to theme, sentiment and actionability; it can be used by local authorities, government, and the public itself to quickly and easily peruse a database of comments and to look for other comments with (e.g.) opposite sentiment on a similar theme.

The event will be attended by 50 MPs and peers.

Tue 26 October 2010

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