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Pining for the Fjords?

Lancaster Computer Science students now have the chance to study for a year in the Arctic Circle! Through the strong relationship the department has with Tromsø University high in the north of Norway, we have a student exchange programme underway. Through the Erasmus-Socrates European scheme undergraduate students of both institutions can spend a year abroad studying within the partner institution.rnThis is a fantastic opportunity for students to experience a very different culture to their own as well as continue their studies in an equally prestigious Computer Science Department. There are many similarities between the departments which make this exchange programme particularly attractive to students: excellent research reputations; small and friendly departments, practical focus to teaching and research; and on the social side, both are located in rural areas but with a thriving social and cultural scene within the neighbouring cities. Open countryside with superb scenery offers plenty of opportunities for walking, climbing and winter sports in both locations.rnThis coming year Eddie Bell and Stephen Coote will be tasting the delights of the Arctic Circle. Ole-Petter Wikene was our visitor from Norway - "It has been very exciting to be here, and I've felt very welcome. Staff and lecturers are very helpful and professional. Thanks a lot there! I do really look forward to see Eddie and Stephen in Tromsø next year!"

Wed 22 June 2005

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