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This LAN is Your LAN

Nick Race of Computing's Network Research and Special Projects Unit (NRSP) has been in the news with his successful project to get a rural village up and running on Broadband.

Wray, in rural Lancashire, is benefiting from being on-line and at the same time providing a live test bed for computing, telecommunication and management science research.

NRSP it is a collaborative venture between the university's Computing Department and Information Systems Services (ISS), responsible for establishing innovative research projects and partnerships and conducting high quality research that will enhance Lancaster's international reputation as a centre of excellence in networking.

Through previous work by ISS to build an extensive network infrastructure across the north west of England, Lancaster University became the only UK university to hold a Public Telephone Operators license. NRSP is tasked with gaining commercial advantage for this unique facility, raising awareness of the world class network related research carried out in InfoLab21 and gaining new sources for academic research.

Wed 22 June 2005