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Researchers Seek SMEs for Creative Thinking Project

InfoLab21 researchers are seeking SMEs to be involved in an EC project.

The project aims to develop "innovative technological tools that encourage nonlinear, non-standard thinking and problem-solving to generate of new knowledge, ideas and concepts." THe researchers are looking to work with several SMEs, of varying size, that use such creative or divergent thinking in their business practice.

The research group are particularly interested in working with companies involved in the design and manufacturing of products.

The SMEs involved will act as test-beds for the models and tools that the research group intend to develop with the overall aim of the research being to learn more about existing practice and explore how the research may offer technological tools to improve current practice.

Further information on the research can be found at the link below.

Interested companies should contact Dr. Corina Sas via

Wed 31 August 2011

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