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App of the Month: Tripbod

The Tripbod app was developed by Will Bamford, former InfoLab21 PhD student. Will is now working at the BBC.

The app lets travellers with a specialist interest, or a specific purpose to their trip, find someone who can give specialized advice.

A 'Tripbod' is your friend at the other end of your journey - a trusted local person who you can get in touch with before you go to help you make plans for your trip. You can ask questions, get feedback on your itinerary, add ideas to your map, chat on instant messenger. Before you go, you can print your trip plan off to take with you.

Through government funded support, Tripbod was put in touch with InfoLab21's Dr Paul Coulton, a leading academic in Mobile Communications from the School of Computing and Communications.

Dr Coulton guided the company and gave a few possible options on how to develop communications. He suggested an iPhone application and introduced them to Will Bamford who helped realise the idea.

Co-Founder Sally Broom is delighted with the results;

"The iPhone application is allowing us to reach a larger market in a more targeted way. Being able to effectively communicate our unique product has created scope for working with bigger, more established partners and this will have a profound impact on our growth. The whole experience has helped to structure the company and has provided a valuable communication tool."

You connect with a Tripbod directly through

Download the Tripbod app.

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Fri 25 November 2011