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£250,000 Contest to Create Digital Innovations for the Cultural Sector

The Digital Innovation Contest -Culture is being run in conjunction with a number of cultural sector organisations and is offering businesses up to £24,000 each in funding for the development of innovative commercial prototypes.

They are looking for applications under 3 main challenge areas with individual challenges from six top cultural institutions.

The challenges

Commercialisation of digital assets

  • Two awards of £24,000
  • Challenges from British Museum and The New Art Gallery Walsall

Mobile and location based access

  • Three awards of £24,000
  • Challenges from The National Museum of Scotland, SPACE and The Public

Connectivity and conversation

  • Three awards of £24,000
  • Challenges from The Design Museum, Birmingham Museums and Art Galleries and The International Slavery Museum/National Museum of Liverpool

For more details please go to the link below.

Wed 07 March 2012