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ICT Placement Opportunity For Companies in 2012

Lancaster University's InfoLab21 and The School of Computing and Communications are seeking companies to take part in a new industrial placement scheme that will link highly performing students from the School with companies that would like to engage with InfoLab21.

InfoLab21's Industrial Placements are designed to provide a dedicated ICT resource to participating companies, whilst allowing graduate students to demonstrate they have developed a full range of skills by the time they complete their courses.

Companies providing placement opportunities benefit by gaining access to a high calibre, motivated individual with an ICT focused background, to deliver a key piece of hands-on ICT development on behalf of the organisation.

It is an excellent opportunity for participating businesses to begin addressing their most pressing ICT concerns, and for participating students to utilise their skills and demonstrate their capabilities to prospective employers.

Companies will be expected to make a financial contribution of towards a student bursary of £1,600 (£200 per week) plus any potential out of pocket expenses.

It is in each student's best interests to produce a high quality piece of work for the host organisation, and in return secure the valuable experience of involvement in a commercial environment, (and the improved future employment prospects that experience brings). Several of the placement projects undertaken over the last few years have resulted in participating students being offered employment within host organisations; an achievement which has benefited all parties significantly.

For more information please see the attached handbook from the link below.

How to apply

Fill in an Expression of Interest (EoI) form (below) and send it to Sarah Mills (tel 01524 510421).

These positions are limited so interested companies would be encouraged to make early applications.

Deadline April 20th

If you have any further questions please get in touch with Sarah Mills.

Disclaimer: This Agreement is entered into solely between the named company (Employer) and the Student, Lancaster University accepts no responsibility for the relationship and this agreement what so ever.

Thu 22 March 2012

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