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Lancaster Success at Pervasive Computing Conference

Story supplied by LU Press Office

Researchers from the School of Computing and Communications have taken two of the top prizes at Pervasive 2012 - this year's International Conference on Pervasive Computing.

Oliver Bates, Adrian Clear, Adrian Friday, Mike Hazas and Janine Morley took first prize for Computational Sustainability for their work using sensing and interviews coupled with service based analysis to account for domestic energy use in student flats.

Meanwhile, a team from Microsoft and Lancaster University - David Molyneaux, Shahram Izadi, David Kim, Otmar Hilliges, Steve Hodges, Xiang Cao, Alex Butler and Hans Gellersen - took first prize for best paper for their work on spatially-aware, interactive, handheld projector systems.

There is an introduction to their project in this short film:

Pervasive 2012 was the 10th International Conference on Pervasive Computing. It is the premier forum for researchers to present their latest results in areas related to the architecture, design, implementation, application and evaluation of pervasive computing.

Fri 06 July 2012