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App of the Month: Child Defence

Last year, InfoLab21 spin out company Isis Forensics featured widely in the world's media with the release of their Child Defence software which aims at protecting children from being groomed by adults posing as other children online.

The Child Defence app is a result of a project to transfer their state of the art child protection language analysis technologies onto a mobile phone.

This app enables children to scan webchat on their mobile to check the age of people they are messaging through language analysis. Whereas most child protection software will monitor a child's online activity and be controlled by the parents, this new software empowers children to protect themselves.

This initial version of the app represents a proof of concept of the underlying analysis engine and only represents a small subset of the types of analysis that thier more sophisticated Language Analysis Toolkit can perform.

An article about the Child Defence software can be seen on our website. Or you can view and download the Child Defence app at the App Store.

It should be noted that it can never be claimed that analysis software will be 100% accurate and the output of this app should be seen as a guide rather than a definite proof of identity. If you are ever unsure of who you are talking to always seek advice from your parents or teachers, or from organisations such as CEOP ( or ChildLine ( Please do not solely rely on the output of this application. There is no substitute for good parental or professional advice.

"App of the Month" features some of the Apps to come out of InfoLab21's research and collaboration.

Tue 31 July 2012

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