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Lancaster Team Win at HackManchester

A team of Lancaster University computer science students have been celebrating a well earned win at HackManchester - a 24 hour coding competition held as part of the Manchester Science Festival.

TeamNFCbeercup (aka Dan Burnett, Adrian Gradinar, Daniel Kershaw and Mark Lochrie) won the prize for the Pusher award by creating an interactive NFC enabled beercup which works as a social, jukebox system.

Pusher is a hosted service that allows developers to quickly and easily add realtime functionality into their web and mobile applications.

The beercup could be used at a beer festival or similar social event. Each person registers their beer cup with a mobile number, twitter or foursquare account and their favourite genre of music. Each table has its own music system and beer mat on which users check in by placing their beer cup on the mat. Messages of introduction are exchanged via SMS or social media when a new person comes to the table. Through gamification a leaderboard determines the genre of and rmine the genre of music played at that table.

HackManchester took place 27-28th October.

Watch the video to find out more:

Tue 06 November 2012