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Best Paper Award for Lancaster Computer Scientists

John Hardy (third from left) receiving the award at MUM12 John Hardy (third from left) receiving the award at MUM12

Two Lancaster Computer Scientists have won a best paper award at MUM2012, a leading international multimedia conference.

John Hardy from the HighWire Doctoral Training Centre and Dr. Jason Alexander from the School of Computing and Communications were awarded the best long paper award of MUM2012, an annual conference which provides a forum for presenting the latest research results on mobile and ubiquitous multimedia.

Their paper Toolkit Support for Projected Ubiquitous Displays presents a software toolkit designed to enable the rapid development of multimedia-rich, multi-touch enabled, and interactive projection-based displays. For instance: door displays, floor displays, wall displays, and interactive tables.

John and Jason are keen for people to use the toolkit and send in their feedback. John Hardy says:

"The most interesting thing about Ubi Displays is that it takes the technology out of the lab and into the wild. For example, it can be used by business owners who are looking for new ways of engaging customers, or hobbyists and hackers who want to try out the latest technology - perhaps by making their very own interactive bed or other creative designs for non-traditional computer interfaces. As researchers, this is a very exciting prospect because it helps the idea to go mainstream. By getting feedback on how the toolkit is used, we can learn valuable lessons about how to design better technology for the future."

Watch John using the new displays in this video:

The 11th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia (MUM 2012) was held in Ulm, Germany, December 4-6, 2012.

For more information on the MUM12 conference or to download the software go to the website links below:

Thu 13 December 2012

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