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International Collaboration Prize for First Unified EU-Russia Flight Analysis Project

Dr Plamen Angelov and Prof. Garik Markarian with the award for International Collaboration Dr Plamen Angelov and Prof. Garik Markarian with the award for International Collaboration

An Aviation Security project led by the School of Computing and Communications which created the first unified flight data analysis system for Europe and Russia has won third place in an international Aircraft Manufacturing competition for the category "International Collaboration".

The competition was jointly organised by the European Union and the Union of Aircraft Manufacturers in Russia. Lancaster University was one of the key technology partners for the project, EU FP7 SVETLANA.

Professor Garik Markarian collected the Prize at a prestigious ceremony in Moscow on 1st February attended by senior Officials from the EU and Russian Government. He said,

"More than 100 international projects were nominated for the award and our third place is a recognition of research excellence which exists in Lancaster in the field of aviation security and safety. It demonstrates our capability to develop new technologies and implement these technologies in practical systems by working with huge multi-national corporations. The developed flight data analysis algorithms will allow more efficient maintenance of the aircrafts thus improving safety of the flights for all passengers".

Due to political and historic reasons, aircraft manufactured in Russia utilise a different flight data analysis system than that currently used by the rest of the world. Therefore, flights covering both Russia and Europe could not be analysed by one system nor was the replacement of the existing system an option. SVETLANA provides a common standardised solution that has acceptance in both the EU and the Russian Federation and offers additional fault prediction capabilities which further enhance aviation safety and improve maintenance efficiency.

The developed Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) and analysis system works to predict problems based on flight data so that the problems can be solved or avoided to improve flight safety.

Working with Telecommunications and Aviation giants SAGEM (France) and UAC (Russia), SVETLANA (Safety (and maintenance) improVEment Through automated fLight data ANAlysis) brought together important European and Russian industries and research organisations from the aviation sector to enhance flight operational safety and to initiate smart maintenance through intelligent and automated FDM.

The success of this project, led by Professor Markarian and Dr Plamen Angelov from the School of Computing and Communications, has created a foundation for further expansion of the School's research activities into a healthcare system analysing the data of patients to predict health issues.

Wed 06 February 2013