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No more tea, vicar?

The Cakes Team are volunteers from around the university who organise events for Computing Department students as part of the Cakes Talks idea.

Cakes Talks happen on demand, for example when a student wishes to practice a presentation prior to attending a conference, or if there is going to be a visitor to the department, the student can email the team and the Talk will be arranged for them. The Cakes Team also plan and run departmental socials, as and when the need arises along with an annual Away Day.

The Cakes Team now needs new members to help with the organization of these events and talks, which usually involves booking rooms and buying some cakes.

The workload can be as much or as little as you wish; just having people to answer emails and generate ideas at an occasional meeting is helpful!

The cakes team is always looking for more people to do talks as well as join the team, so if you think you might be interested in getting involved in any way please email or see their webpage for further info.

Fri 19 August 2005

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