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SCC Academics at International Conference on CrossCloud Computing

Dr. Yehia Elkhatib and Professor Gordon Blair from the School of Computing and Communications have co-chaired an international conference on cross-cloud computing in Toronto (in conjunction with IEEE INFOCOM).

The CrossCloud workshop brought together systems researchers and developers from across the world to address a growing recognition of the need to cross the boundaries between different clouds. At its simplest form, this need is about avoiding being locked-in to one cloud provider, but also extends to being able to easily consume resources from more than one provider.

A keynote talk was given by Andrew Phillips on "The multiple dimensions of Cross-cloud computing". Having worked on several influential projects relevant to the workshop such as jclouds, Andrew provided valuable insights from the frontier of cross-cloud computing. Amongst other issues, Andrew commented on the evolution in the cloud computing market from the perspective of application developers.

The programme also featured 2 invited papers that highlighted the challenges and opportunities in this emerging domain. These were presented by Dana Petcu and Alvaro Navas who represent a great amount of experience in the field.

The programme also included 7 technical papers divided into 3 sessions: Multi-cloud Management; Federation & Migration; and API Interoperability. The presentations prompted discussions around the themes of of moving legacy applications to the cloud, dynamic application requirements, and optimizing the migration of applications between data centers and cloud providers.

The workshop day concluded with a panel session that explored future directions in the area. The major discussion points revolved around the topics of verification of cloud provider service levels, formulating security and privacy requirements, the future of the cloud computing market, the momentum in open source communities, as well as composite application orchestration.

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Thu 15 May 2014