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InfoLab21's TNP Assist Blackpool Illuminations Switch-On

A TNP van behind the stage during setup A TNP van behind the stage during setup

This month The Networking People (TNP) assisted with the Blackpool Illuminations switch on concert by providing high speed wireless internet access across the whole shore front.

Paul Astle from TNP said "With only a day to build the network that had to cover the entire shorefront it was quite a challenge. Beamed from the top of Blackpool tower and relayed across the shorefront it was used by event organisers, press and even the stars themselves to put the all-important Twitter and Instagram updates on!"

TNP are looking forward to their next bespoke connectivity project for Strictly Come Dancing when it comes to the tower ball room this Autumn.

More Successes

The company have also recently signed a £1.5 million networking contract.

Plus they won New Business of the year at the BIBAs on 12th September.

Thu 18 September 2014