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Japanese Visit

InfoLab21 was visited by - Dr. Shigeki Takeda, Department Manager of the Tokyo Business Dept, Corporate Business Strategy Division of Kyocera Corporation. Dr. Shigeki met with InfoLab21 Heads of Departments as part of an exploratory visit, supported by the NWDA, to build on InfoLab21's extentsive international links.

Michael Brittan, Senior Contact Manager NWDA said;

"Dr. Takeda was also very impressed how the InfoLab21 is involved in R&D collaborations with companies from oversees as well as UK companies. Most impressed with the communication system software as well as software developed at InfoLab21.

"Dr. Takeda has requested a list of spin-off companies involved in Signal Processing and Communication Systems. Our Japan office will continue to follow up with Dr. Takeda"

He singled out Lancaster University spin off company, HW Communications Ltd, established by Dr. Indika Samarakoon, which specialises in Telecommunication Circuit Boards.

Tue 18 July 2006