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Collaboration With Cambridge

Distributed Audio Location; is a collaborative project with Intel Research Cambridge run by Mike Hazas.

The aim of the project is to use collaborative wireless sensor nodes distributed in an indoor environment to locate and perhaps identify everyday sounds (such as noises resulting from human movement or speech).

Intel have funded a PhD student, Yukang Guo, to work on the roject.

The project involves using methods from signal processing and speech coding to extract features from the sounds so that the nodes can identify shared auditory events.

(Compression and feature extraction are needed because of the limited bandwidth of the communication channel and the power constraints of the nodes.)

The time-of-arrival of an auditory event at a number of nodes will then be used to create an estimate of its location.

Initially, development will take place on the Intel iMote2, a wireless sensor network platform based around an XScale PXA27x embedded processor.

Wed 02 August 2006