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BT & HSBC At Next Free "InfoLab21: Technology Matters" Event

The next "InfoLab21: Technology Matters" event takes place on September 6th, 2006 at InfoLab21, 9.00 to 11.45.

Robin Mannings, BT's Research Foresight Manager and one of BT's most experienced and well-known experts in the field of Mobility and Disruptive Technologies will be speaking at InfoLab21 regarding his views on the future, in particular looking at those relevant to the IT and Communications businesses. His presentation will include the major issues and new trends facing business and society in the future and the part future ICT will play - in particular disruptive technologies.

Robin is one of BT's most experienced and well-known experts in future technologies especially in the areas of wireless, positioning, telematics, RFID, Sensor Networks and Ubiquitous Computing.

Andy Button, HSBC Divisional Technology Banking Manager, supports the banking needs of technology based companies and monitors rapidly changing technology to provide a source of expertise to his colleagues. His role is also to liaise with universities, science units and innovation centres and to work with professional, advisors, venture capitalists and Regional Development Agencies to identify opportunities for new business. Andy will speak on the importance of the knowledge economy to the UK, the impact of Globalisation and an insight into the technologies in propositions he has reviewed with perhaps a glimpse into the future based on the technologies around now.

In recognition of this sector's importance, HSBC continues to sponsor two Chairs of Innovation at Brunel University and the University of York, who asses the technological and commercial viability of businesses for the bank.

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Mon 28 August 2006