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Students Demonstrate

ICT Focus Students Demonstrating Their Project in InfoLab21 ICT Focus Students Demonstrating Their Project in InfoLab21

Students on ICT Focus' Certficate in Systems and Network Programming (CSNP) successfully demonstrated their group project at InfoLab21 on Wednesday 25th April.

They presented a distributed application that serves as a portal for football fans to view online content such as videos, fixtures and news, and share and search information including fan-provided content.

Course Tutor Dr. Paul Smith said, "Before starting the certificate many of the students had undertaken little or no programming, and the success of the demonstration highlights their hard work and effort".

The four students have not only successfully completed CSNP but are also the first students to complete the University's Foundation Degree in Network & Systems Engineering.

The demo is the result of a two month part-time project, where the students only met in person three times.

Head of ICT Focus, Rachel Fligelstone said, " The dedication and commitment that the students have given to their studies has been outstanding. Their project was carried out alongside work and family commitments and can't have been easy - all four should be extremely proud of what they have achieved"

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Wed 09 May 2007