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New Director for Environmental Informatics Centre

Professor Ian W. Marshall Professor Ian W. Marshall

Professor Ian W. Marshall has joined the Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC) from the University of Kent to become the director of the new multidisciplinary Centre for Environmental Informatics.

The new centre combines internationally leading expertise in computing systems and communications engineering from InfoLab21 with environmental science from LEC to develop self-managing instrumentation for observation and management of large environments and widely dispersed infrastructures (telecoms, electricity, water, transport).

Professor Marshall's research focuses on self-management of sustainable infrastructures, non-linear dynamic systems, and applications of new ideas from these areas to problems in environmental science including climate change impact prediction and sustainable land use.

Currently the centre is involved with a number of projects that focus on the deployment and management of smart sensor networks, Including Prosen (with Strathclyde, Stirling and Scottish Power), and DIAS (with Glasgow, St Andrews and Manchester).

In the latest project Neptune, which is just starting, the centre is collaborating with researchers from Sheffield, Exeter, Imperial, Cambridge, Leicester and De Montfort in conjunction with Yorkshire Water, United Utilities and ABB. Lancaster will assist with sensor diagnostics, sensor system management (deployment and maintenance), and sensor data disambiguation aspects of the decision support system the project is developing. This role will involve close liaison with the designers of the sensing nodes, and also the creation of a geospatial visualisation of the sensor system and its interactions with external factors (trees buildings, other utility activity, etc.)

The centre will also be associated with the environmental informatics programme in CEH and the environmental informatics masters programme.

Fri 03 August 2007

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