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Vmail First For Resident Company NuBlue

NuBlue Digital Web Solutions based in InfoLab21 have become first UK hosting company to provide video webmail using a simple browser interface.

The service is ideal for home workers who can use it for business communication - putting a 'face to the name', without the need for expensive and time-consuming travel to meetings.

Michael Ashworth, director of NuBlue Digital Web Solutions, says:

"One of the main barriers to home working can be finding a viable substitute for face-to-face discussions. Normal email doesn't always cut the mustard.

"Video email has been around for a number of years and often involved costly additional technology, such as phones and software. However, the technology has advanced and simplified, making it easier to deploy. As a result, we've been working on integrating the webcam application into our webmail system.

"We believe we're the first UK hosting company to offer this service to customers - free of charge and with unlimited video emails - as part of our overall hosting package."

Users quite simply send and receive video emails, complete with motion and sound, through a browser interface (similar to Hotmail). All the user needs is a computer, a webcam and a NuBlue hosting account.

NuBlue believes the timing of its video email launch is perfect, as the latest laptops are being released with built-in webcam technology. "People have become accustomed to webcams," says Ashworth, "and the 'vmail' industry looks set to grow and grow."

He adds: "More than 3.1 million workers in the UK are regularly home-based and, in addition, 39% of small businesses are home-based." (Source)

In addition to being an effective business tool, NuBlue believe that their vmail service will also be a hit with people keeping in touch with friends and family around the world.

Tue 30 October 2007

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