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Escendency Boosts Teesside's Strategy

InfoLab21 resident company Escendency are about to roll out their Performance Management System for Teesside University Enterprise Centre.

Preparation has been smooth-running and Ben Ruth from Escendency is pleased that even in these early stages they have already been able to have a positive effect.

He explained that Teesside are already reviewing their strategy as a direct result of working with Escendency; "They have found that their strategy wasn't quite as joined up as they thought it was. This means that we won't actually start working with them immediately but it is good in the sense that they are using our system and it has helped clarify their own thinking."

He added, "The way the system is designed is that The Enterprise Centre could then roll it out to the whole university. This is a pilot scheme in that respect and we'd very much like to start doing this with other outreach programmes in other universities."

Wed 13 February 2008

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