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Environmental Science Workshops for Local Schools

Pupils investigated water chemistry of a former industrial site in Cumbria Pupils investigated water chemistry of a former industrial site in Cumbria

The Environmental Science Department hosted almost 100 14-16 year-old schoolchildren during National Science and Engineering Week 2008.

Anne Wilkinson (laboratory technician), Owen Pryce (PhD student), and Daniel Jenks (2nd year undergraduate) hosted 24 students from Carnforth High and Dallam school.

The students looked at the water chemistry of what has been a tungsten mining area in Cumbria, as part of a whole-day event across the Lancaster Environment Centre.

Anne Todd, a teacher at Dallam school, said of the event "thank you... The students and Anna have all said how brilliant it was and how much they enjoyed it. You've inspired them! They want to know when the next day is going to be organised!"

Throughout the week, Christine Valentine (laboratory technician), Andy Horseman (PhD student) and Annette Ryan (PhD student) have been leading students in an investigation of the weather.

About sixty students have taken part, from Skerton, Central Lancaster, and Ripley schools. Most of these events have been coordinated by Lancaster University Volunteer Unit (LUVU), which includes Environmental Science undergraduate volunteers.

Accompanying teachers have relayed that the students have enjoyed the weather event, and have commented on how much good science training can be got from met observing.

Fri 04 April 2008

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