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Students Demo Public Display System: iScreen

Students on ICT Focus' Certificate in Systems and Network Programming (CSNP) successfully demonstrated their group project at InfoLab21 on 23rd April.

They presented a public display system aimed at presenting department-specific and institution-wide information such as videos, web pages, and presentations. iScreens can be managed via an administration interface developed by the students.

The demo is the result of a two month long part-time project.

Course tutor Keith Mitchell said, "As with last year's cohort, before starting the certificate many of the students had undertaken little or no programming. This year's project was particularly demanding and the students performed very well; we're very pleased with the demo they produced."

The five students have now successfully completed both CSNP and their Foundation Degree in Network & Systems Engineering.

Kath Bell, one of the participating students, said: "The iScreen project was an exciting concept for us to collaborate on and we have remained enthusiastic and determined throughout. Although, as programming novices, this year has been a steep learning curve for all of us.

"Good communication between team members and terrific support from our tutors are two vital ingredients that have enabled us to achieve our ambitions in producing a digital signage system and completing our course. Looking back now, we realise how far we have come - we are delighted to be graduating this term and wish to give our thanks to our tutors for their help and advice throughout the year."

Head of ICT Focus, Rachel Fligelstone added, "Most of our students study part-time and have to balance studying alongside work and family commitments. This final course on the Foundation Degree programmes is particularly challenging - these students rose to that challenge, and all five should be extremely proud of what they have achieved."

Wed 07 May 2008

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