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NEMO Recognised By IET Innovation Awards

The Institution of Engineering and Technology The Institution of Engineering and Technology

Research by Professor Nigel Davies, Dr. Joe Finney, James Brown and Dr. Christos Efstratiou from the Department of Computing has been highly commended by judges in the North West IET Innovation Awards 2008.

In partnership with the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA), the IET aims to recognise and reward innovation in engineering, science and technology across the region.

The NEMO hardware/software platform research was picked as one of 10 projects out of 28 entries.

The NEMO project group are developing a new generation of 'smart tags' to help keep workers safe on construction sites.

The research project is creating tiny Radio Frequency ID (RFID) tags, with sensors and memory, which can be embedded in everyday objects - such as tools - and communicate via a network using wireless technology.

Fri 18 July 2008

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