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BT Chooses InfoLab21 Company Escendency

Mark Robinson, Managing Director of Escendency Mark Robinson, Managing Director of Escendency

BT Group have chosen Escendency's web-based SMART System to monitor, manage and report all BT's activities regarding the environment, climate change, sustainability and corporate social responsibility operations globally.

BT join a growing list of Escendency SMART system users which include Local Authorities, Universities, the Northwest Regional Development Agency, a school and a neighbourhood management community programme.

Escendency's Managing Director, Mark Robinson says,

"We are absolutely thrilled with this news and are all looking forward to working with BT as the first major corporation to recognise the power, flexibility and cost effectiveness of the Escendency SMART system".

Escendency are a resident company of InfoLab21's Knowledge Business Centre.

For more information about on the Escendency SMART (Strategy Mapping and Reporting Technology) System go to their website below.

Wed 17 September 2008

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