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New Partnership With Mott MacDonald

Story supplied by LU Press Office

Prof. Nigel Davies, Head of Lancaster University's Computing Department at InfoLab21 Prof. Nigel Davies, Head of Lancaster University's Computing Department at InfoLab21

Management Consultant Giant Mott MacDonald will be working with researchers from the Computing Department in InfoLab21, ImaginationLANCASTER in LICA, and from the Department of Politics and International Relations in a new Strategic Partnership with Lancaster University.

In the partnership, while Mott MacDonald stands to learn from Lancaster University, the University will gain from the opportunity to exchange information with and obtain practical feedback from professionals at this leading global management, engineering and development consultancy.

Mott MacDonald's team director on this initiative Kevin Thistlethwaite explained:

"Information technology is everywhere in today's society and its presence and usefulness will only grow as we move into the future."

Nigel Davies, Head of Computing Department at Lancaster University said:

"Our relationship with Mott MacDonald will provide academic staff and students with a unique and invaluable opportunity to engage with future end-users and investors in the concepts and technology we are currently developing here at Lancaster.

"This mutually beneficial relationship enables Mott MacDonald's Information, Communications and Media professionals and its clients to benefit from world-class information at the forefront of computer science that they would never normally have access to."

Samantha Chadwick, from the Research and Enterprise Services Division that facilitates Lancaster University's corporate relationships, adds:

"This relationship provides essential feedback and know-how from the marketplace which will inform our research and ultimately our curricula about relevant challenges and issues to address.

"The international opportunities in providing consultancy to Mott MacDonald's global client-base are particularly exciting for Lancaster University at a time when higher education is increasingly internationalising."

Steve Riches, Director of InfoLab21's Knowledge Business Centre, added;

"This a classic example that with more focused resources and a creative attitude, we can convert a casual enquiry into a mutually beneficial relationship - we would hope that this helps us establish an operational framework for more opportunities like this."

Mott MacDonald's Kevin Thistlethwaite believes:

"It is essential that business and public administrations plan to maximise the benefits new technology can bring to our workplace, homes and leisure".

Kevin added,

"Understanding the trends for future technology is key for professional services firms seeking to provide pragmatic advice to their clients. The knowledge and thinking we experience through this initiative with Lancaster University has helped to develop new visions and provide insightful advice to our clients, which in turn empowers them to gain a competitive edge."

Opportunities are being developed with ImaginationLANCASTER to promote innovation and creativity in design that links research to industry and the public sector.

A recent example of the benefits of this initiative involved Patrick Bishop from the Department of Politics and International Relations who opened a business planning workshop for Mott MacDonald's managers. In return real-life case studies involving Mott MacDonald's public sector clients will be presented to students on Lancaster's planned Masters degree in Public Administration.

Mon 13 October 2008

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