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New Website Promises Safer Driving Through Technology

InfoLab21 based web-design and development agency MJR Web has announced a new website on behalf of clients CMS Supatrak.

The new site coincides with the launch of the latest product from CMS - the Safer Driving Assistant.

The SDA is an interactive in-car display that helps drivers adhere to good practices, becoming safer, greener drivers. It rates the driver's style according to the Energy Efficiency Driving Index, in similar way to domestic appliances. Fleet managers can view this, allowing corrective driver management to be implemented where necessary.

Jason Airey, Managing Director explained further:

"The Safer Driving Assistant is a real boon. It gives the driver real time alerts regarding such things as harsh braking, speeding and excessive throttle use. This helps the driver understand where they are going wrong. They can then modify their driving styles to become safer and more efficient drivers."

CMS asked long time associates MJR Web to build a new website for them, with the brief to allow the visitor to see clearly and concisely what benefits their products would bring.

"We love what the guys at Supatrak are doing. They take technology and make something of real use and benefit," said Rob McVey of MJR Web. "We've worked closely with them for some time, taking care of all their online design and marketing needs. We're proud of this new site. It should push them forward, showcasing their increasing range."

Mon 26 April 2010

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