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Pooch Gets Pal

Pooch is in the news again. This time they are starting a new E-Campus off shoot project with Ulverston's Welfare State International titled Metamorphosis. If you would like to experience art rather than just view it here is your chance. Their work will produce and research "Digital Live Art Work" which combines computers with artistic performance.

If people find it difficult to envisage what form this may take, then they can see, take part and experience Pooch's masterpieces all at the same time to find out! The spectators influence the art themselves either directly or indirectly. In Metamorphosis' case, through digital means either as individuals or as a group. For example an interactive screen can change its displayed art according to the movement of the audience. Jen from Pooch has kindly offered to keep us posted about progress.

Wed 22 June 2005

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