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Bye Bye Brunch Bytes

The Brunch Bytes series of technical briefings is coming to a close later this year, having presented a wide range of topics over the last 12 months.

Eighty-seven companies have attended and benefitted from this series so far. Topics already covered include Mobile Contactless Technologies, Social Media, Gamification, Augmented Reality, IPTV, Gesture Based Computing and Location Based Services. Future topics consist of The Mobile Wallet, Social Media, Tablet Devices and Interactive Tables and Surfaces. The briefings have given companies access to a variety of InfoLab21 academics; Dr. Paul Coulton , Dr. Reuben Edwards and Dr. Keith Mitchell, as well as various PhD and HighWire students. Collaborative relationships and in-depth projects have been created through networking at these events, both business-to-business and also between companies and InfoLab21 academics.

In order to give the best possible opportunity for companies that are new to the programme, online registration for the workshops is now closed. Any companies interested in attending the Brunch Bytes series should contact Carolyn Hayes ( to confirm eligibility and register. Current topics of Brunch Bytes include The Mobile Wallet, Social Media Analysis, Tablet Devices and Interactive Tables and Surfaces.

For a full list of Brunch Bytes events, dates and further details please visit the Brunch Bytes webpage. Companies are expected to attend a minimum of two Brunch Bytes events under the requirements of the programme. Preference will be give to eligible companies who are not currently registered on the programme.

Tue 31 January 2012