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Strong SCC Presence at International HCI Conference

Members of Lancaster University's School of Computing and Communications will this week present 11 papers at ACM CHI, the biggest and most prestigious conference for the publication of work in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). This presence strengthens Lancaster's position as a world leader in HCI research. The work spans a wide range of topics and includes a Best Paper award for MixFab and an Honourable Mention for SensaBubble.

The papers being presented in Toronto, Canada are:

Full Papers

Towards an Holistic View of the Energy and Environmental Impacts of Domestic Media and IT Oliver Bates, Mike Hazas, Adrian Friday, Janine Morley, Adrian K Clear

Personalisation and Privacy in Future Pervasive Display Networks (see Nigel Davies, Marc Langheinrich, Sarah Clinch, Ivan Elhart, Adrian Friday, Thomas Kubitza, Bholanathsingh Surajbali

The Use of Surrounding Visual Context in Handheld AR: Device vs. User Perspective Rendering Klen Copic Pucihar, Paul Coulton, Jason Alexander

Generating Implications for Design through Design Research Corina Sas, Steve Whittaker, Steven P Dow, Jodi L Forlizzi, John Zimmerman

SensaBubble: A Chrono-Sensory Mid-Air Display of Sight and Smell. Honorable Mention Award (see Sue Ann Seah, Diego Martinez Plasencia, Peter D Bennett, Abhijit Karnik, Vlad S Otrocol, Jarrod Knibbe, Andy Cockburn, Sriram Subramanian

MixFab: a Mixed-Reality Environment for Personal Fabrication. Best Paper Award (see Christian Weichel, Manfred Lau, David Kim, Nicolas Villar, Hans W Gellersen

Short Papers

ThumbReels: Query Sensitive Web Video Previews Based on Temporal, Crowdsourced, Semantic Tagging (see Barnaby Craggs, Myles Kilgallon Scott, Jason Alexander

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Physical Shape-Change for In-pocket Mobile Device Notifications Panteleimon Dimitriadis, Jason Alexander

Rethinking Plan A for Sustainable HCI Bran Knowles, Lynne Blair, Paul Coulton, Mark Lochrie


BARTER: promoting local spending behavior Bran Knowles, Mark Lochrie, Paul Coulton, Jon Whittle

TOCHI presentation

P-LAYERS - A layered framework addressing the multi-faceted issues facing community-supporting public display deployments Nemanja Memarovic, Marc Langheinrich, Keith W Cheverst, Nick Taylor, Florian Alt

Mon 28 April 2014