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Firefly: LEDs With Attitude

Firefly Display in CityLab, Dalton Square, Lancaster Firefly Display in CityLab, Dalton Square, Lancaster

Prof. Alan Dix, of the Computing Department, presented "Firefly: LEDs With Attitude" at a two day knowledge transfer event at De Montford University.

The event, entitled 'Investigating 3D and Projection Displays' took place in March and brought together experts from academia and industry in the field of 3D Lighting.

Project Firefly, an application which has been described as 'fairy lights with a technological upgrade', is the brainchild of InfoLab21's Prof. Alan Dix and Dr. Joe Finney. Each individual light contains a miniature computer, making them individually controllable. As a result, patterns and effects are much easier to create and can be far more intricate and dynamic than those currently available.

Fri 16 May 2008

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