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Communicating With The Next Generation

Dr. Paul Coulton Dr. Paul Coulton

Dr. Paul Coulton from the Communication Systems Department at InfoLab21 spoke at Nokia's S60 Summit '08 in Barcelona, last month about how young people are using technology differently from the rest of us and what this could mean for developers and business in the future.

An article on his talk was featured on the RCR Wireless News website. To read the full article please go to the link below.

Speaking of young people and implications for mobile developers Dr. Coulton said,

"They're multimodal, they use text, IM, Facebook (and other social networking sites). They're different forms of communication, but they use them interchangeably, and they manage them interchangeably."

The article goes on to say,

"The implications for mobile go far beyond Facebook and MySpace. Not only is there plenty of room for others - including online players moving into mobile as well as mobile startups looking to go cross-platform - community will increasingly influence the spectrum of wireless content and services. If Coulton's observations hold true, social networking components will figure more prominently in all sorts of things mobile, from gaming to music to simple news sites."

Dr. Coulton together with Dr. Reuben Edwards, also of the Communications Department, co-manages The UK's Nokia Innovation Network hub housed within InfoLab21. The group at Lancaster has an international reputation in mobile applications research and have won a number of awards for innovation.

Tue 17 June 2008

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