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TV Crew Film InfoLab21 Academics

A TV crew from RTE Dublin spent a day in InfoLab21 filming research by Professor Awais Rashid and Dr James Walkerdine, Computing, for a TV programme on the misuse of the internet.

A research team led by Professor Rashid is working on a software tool which harnesses new developments in language analysis to potentially identify paedophiles posing as children in online chat rooms.

The EPSRC / ESRC funded Isis project aims to address three major research challenges in this context:

  • How to identify active paedophiles across online communities.
  • How to identify the core distributors of child abuse media.
  • How to ensure that such developments maintain ethical practices.

The documentary will be broadcast on 31 May. The research has previously been featured in media including the Scientific American and the Telegraph.

Tue 27 April 2010

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